Have You Heard About the Poetry & Tea Time Movement Yet?

Poetry and Tea Time

Have you heard about the poetry and tea time movement yet? Homeschoolers across the country are tulips-book-teacup-3264x2448_93873making this delightfully cozy practice a part of their weekly routine.

Here is what it entails. Pick a day, say Friday. Each Friday you and your children set a nice little tea table, possibly with lovely cups and tasty morsels, and read poetry aloud while having tea and treats. Sound simple? It is! That is the beauty of it. It is a delightfully simple way of bringing poetry and eloquent language into your home and your children’s education. You can even add a few exciting elements, such as baking, into the mix. Or you can make it super simple and buy treats so it can realistically fit into a busy schedule, if that is your current reality. No matter how you do it, your children are sure to enjoy the warmth and coziness it adds to their week. In addition, it will create an association of warmth and comfort with poetry. Such a bonus!

A few ideas that you might consider. We focus on one poet at a time and when we begin a new poet, I print a picture of the poet, if one is available, and tell my children a bit about him or her. I have always enjoyed the familiarity I feel with certain authors and poets, and I hope that doing this will initiate that kind of “friendship” between my child and a poet.

We also memorize one poem (or more) a month. This happens very easily and naturally by repeating our favorite poem over and over almost as a song. I have found that even my six year old can often memorize a poem in one day if we “sing” it enough times!

In addition, I ask my daughter to copy a few poems every month in order to help her understand how poetry “looks.” This way, very naturally, she gains an understanding of rhyme patterns, how stanzas and verses work, and how capitalization plays a role.

None of those extras are necessary. Just making time every week to enjoy poetry and the beauty of language is enough.

Other notes:

Organic rooibos tea or rooibos chai with cream and honey or stevia makes a delicious tea for children. If you are dairy free, coconut cream is delicious in rooibos tea.

Click here for delicious tea recipes.

Click here for delicious gluten free tea recipes.

Or you can keep it super easy and order this gluten free scone mix and this delicious tea for the kids (you might need black caffeinated tea!).

We also LOVE these poetry books. They allow us to focus on one poet at a time and spend quite a bit of time with each poet. (afflink)

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  1. Hsiaolei October 28, 2016 at 3:06 am

    We have been loving our poetry and teatime. The kids ask me all week when Tuesday Teatime is! 🙂

  2. Amal October 28, 2016 at 4:58 am

    Isn’t it such a cosy and delightful experience?

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