Are You Looking for a Complete Language Arts Education but Haven’t Yet Found it in One Curriculum? How about Trying These Programs Together?

Are You Looking for a Complete Language Arts Education but Haven’t Yet Found it in One Curriculum?
How about Trying these Programs Together?

Have you been feeling like bulking up your children’s language arts program to include grammar, child-writing
classic literature, a comprehensive writing program, as well as spelling? Perhaps you have found one or two of these elements, but have not found all in one program that you are satisfied with. That was where I was a year and a half ago. Then I combined a few programs, thus creating a strong and comprehensive language arts program for my children. Following are the programs I use:

First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind

There are four levels in this series. The second two require the teacher’s manual. I have found them to be fantastic and very easy to use. Even more impressive is the fact that my daughter truly enjoys them.

The Institute for Excellence in Writing- Student Writing Intensive

This program offers the most in depth, incremental, all encompassing writing education I have ever come across. I cannot say enough about this program. All I can say is that for many years to come you will need not look further for your children’s writing education. Each level offers at least two years of lessons and comes with instructional DVDs. I have never had my daughter watch the DVDs, but I have found them extremely helpful to watch, myself, at the beginning of a new unit.

Teaching the Classics

This is a wonderful program designed to educate us, the parents, on how to teach the elements of literature to our children in a relaxing, natural, and conversational manner. In leading our classic literature bookclub, I follow the method set forth in this program, leading the children very naturally through a discussion about the elements of each book we read. My children have learned to look for so much more from the literature we read and to look deeply into the story and characters, as well as the relationship between characters.

Spelling You See

Spelling You See is created by the same wonderful people who created Math U See, and it employs them same fantastic elements of incremental learning and mastery.





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