A Glimpse into an Average Homeschooling Day in our Home

A Glimpse into an Average Homeschooling Day in Our Home

I always enjoy reading blog posts that allow me to get an idea of how  homeschooling days look for other downloadfamilies, so I though it might be fun to share what an average homeschooling day looks like in our home.

7:30- Everyone slowly wakes up. We all need a bit of quiet time in the morning as it takes all of us time to fully wake up. As my husband drinks his coffee, I drink my tea and the children take turns snuggling with us. My children have grown to accommodate my need to have some morning reading time while I drink my tea, and so I usually spend about half an hour reading in the morning.

9:00- After the kids eat breakfast, my six year old son likes to listen to an audio book and work on lego inventions while I have focus time with my nine year old daughter. During this time we work on language arts using First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind, Fix-It Grammar from The Institute for Excellence in Writing, and The Student Writing Intensive Course from The Institute for Excellence in Writing.

10:15- My daughter practices piano while I make snacks with my son.

10:30- This is our most special time. We call it snack and story time, but it is more than that. The kids bring their snacks to the coffee table in the living room and we gather on the couch. During this time we go over our atlas and review the world geography we are working on. We snuggle up and read enchanting folk tales from the country we are learning about. We often read living books about the science topic we are studying, as well as work on poetry memorization. This is a wonderful time to discuss religious or spiritual topics as well. Vocabulary words always come up during this time through our reading sessions, and we also practice skip counting. I cannot explain what a special time of day this is and how it breathes life into our homeschooling day and bonds us.

11:30 – My daughter works on independent work during this time. Right now she is working on a zoology course that involves a lot of reading and note taking, which she loves. While she is working independently, I work with my son on reading, math, and writing.

12:30- Lunch time. Most of the year, or anytime the weather is nice, we eat lunch outside in the yard.

1:15- This is the time we work on our unit study, which is currently either Geography and World Cultures or Chemistry. Currently we are learning about Turkey so during this time we work on the projects you see in our country studies curriculums, such as mapmaking. We usually spend our afternoons homeschooling outside.

2:15- Play time

By 3:30 or 4:00 we usually need to be at a class. My daughter takes Irish dance quite a few times a week and both my children also take Kung Fu.

Some afternoons include music lessons, 4-h meetings, or playdates. On playdate days, we usually try to begin our day earlier or end earlier. 

5:15- Three nights a week a family friend comes and tutors my daughter in math.

6:00- Dinner

7:00- Story time- At this time I read aloud to my children from a classic book. Right now we are reading Wind in the Willows. I am not sure how to put into words how important this time of day is to all of us. Some families stop reading aloud when their children learn to read. My daughter is nine and reading years past her age level, but I will continue to read aloud to both of them for many years, as it is such a bonding experience for all of us to share in the same pieces of literature together. It has created what I can almost describe as a family culture. For all of us to experience the same characters and events together, the same hopes and sorrows, the same adventures, is a special bonding experience that I believe my children will treasure for years to come.

7:30- I take my son to bed while my daughter does a few pages of math and has quiet reading time, usually snuggled up with dad.

8:30- I take my daughter to bed, have some girl time chatting and snuggling, and lights out.

Then I spend a few hours either with my husband, or reading, writing, or watching a wonderful historic fiction drama.

Again, this is an average day. There are many days we have homeschool field trips, community gatherings, 4-h activities, bookclub meetings, playdates, an urgent need to drop everything and spend the day hiking and picnicking, or to simply have the day off and spend the day playing. All of these things come up and we are all so grateful that homeschooling allows us the freedom to take time for them.  But as we are all rhythm lovers in this house, as much as we enjoy the freedom to drop the schedule when we need to, we also love the comfort of returning to it, as it is one that suits our temperaments well, and is shifted as needed when it doesn’t.

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