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Early Chapter Books:

Early chapter books, which are basically children’s first introduction to chapter books, are usually not fantastic literature. They are rather exciting stories, told in simple language, sometimes with larger print or a bit of extra space between lines to help tracking.

Following are some of our favorite early chapter books and series.


This series is about a delightful little girl who can understand the language of animals. Her adventures are so sweet and are sure to create avid readers out of any animal loving child!
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Another wonderful early chapter book for animal lovers. This series tells the adventures of Sofia Mouse and her many animal friends.
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This series is so special. The Lighthouse Family is comprised of various orphaned and lost animals that find companionship in each other. Their adventures often include rescuing other creatures in danger. This series is one of the first that my daughter read a few years ago, and I remember her staying up far past her bedtime because she insisted on finishing the entire book in one night.
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I am a huge fan of the Magic School Bus chapter book series. Titles in this series span so many topics. I remember my daughter excitedly sharing with me endless facts about sharks after reading the book about sharks, and each one she read from this series had the same result. She was so pulled in by the characters’ adventures and loved the combination of non-fiction mixed with fiction. These books are definitely worth the shelf space in your home!
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I am sure you have heard of The Magic Tree House series, but I had to include it anyway. Both my children love these books. They are a great introduction to the concept of history and both of my children were inspired to learn more about topics covered in these books. They obviously don’t delve deep into the topics they cover, but the adventures of Annie and Jack pass through many historic events and offer a wonderful and gentle introduction to history.
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The Littles are a tiny family that lives in the home of the Biggs and seem to always be up to something. Their adventures include woodland explorations, animal encounters, emergency rescues, family trips, and much more! The many adventures of The Littles are guaranteed to capture your children’s interest.
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These books are wonderful for children who love animals and have a budding interest in the environment and endangered species. It follows the main character Emily as she travels with her parents to various countries and encounters endangered species native to those countries.

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My son, age six, is currently reading these aloud to me and I cannot express how much he is enjoying them. He has such a difficult time putting the book down. A huge bonus- I am enjoying them too! This series is about the kind prince of the Kingdom of Wrenly and his many adventures and encounters with fairies, dragons, trolls, and wizards!

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Full Disclosure: We haven’t read these yet, but I had to add them because seeing the series inspired such excitement in my son that I figured it might inspire your children as well. I perused them and I must admit, I was excited as well. We definitely plan on beginning this series after The Kingdom of Wrenly. I will say this- I don’t think my daughter would have been ready for these at age six or seven- in terms of the content. It seems a bit intense. My son, however, loves a lot of action in books and plots and is sure to love it.

I will update after we have read them.

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