Discover Ways to Incorporate Charlotte Mason’s Methods from Alicia Hutchinson at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Discover Ways to Incorporate Charlotte Mason’s Methods from Alicia Hutchinson at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

I love this article, (click on link) Everyday Ways We Follow Charlotte Mason, that Alicia wrote over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers (which is, by the way, a fantastic blog).


Often we get so wrapped up in an educational method that it becomes an identity. This can limit us as much as it benefits us. We feel we need to stay within the lines, and if our children are drawn to something outside of those lines, we feel uncomfortable. That is why Alicia’s article is so refreshing. She writes about simple ways to incorporate some of Charlotte Mason’s central methods, without over pressuring yourself to cover absolutely everything.

From nearly the beginning of our homeschool journey, I have loved following the teachings of Charlotte Mason. I love her honesty, her love for kids, and, to be honest, her rebellion against the “normal” way of educating.

Although I love Charlotte, I hold her “rules” loosely. Ultimately I am my kids’ mother, teacher, and I have the last say about what we do in our homeschool. I don’t want rules – good OR bad – to start taking precedence over the way our family naturally operates.  – Alicia Hutchinson

Charlotte Mason’s methods have brought so much wonder into our homeschooling. I remember the day I discovered her. From that moment on, our homeschooling journey began to makes sense and find its own natural rhythm. But even when you find something that you absolutely resonate with, it can be difficult to incorporate every aspect of it into your own family. Often educational methods have a long list of ideals, which are lofty and desirable, but for most of us, trying to incorporate every aspect can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning of this journey of homeschooling. This is why taking a calm and loose approach to an educational method can be beneficial.

I hope that through this wonderful article from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, you might be introduced to Miss Mason’s ways and be inspired to incorporate a few of her educational methods in your home school, in a relaxed manner. From nature study, to living books, every moment of Charlotte Mason education brings the learning experience to life.

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