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Language Arts:


I do not even know where to begin. I love the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Student Intensive Writing Program so much that it is truly hard to know where to begin. This writing program is so unique. Where other programs give you a basic layout for the different types of writing and offer prompts to get your child writing, this program offers a complete foundation in not only the skills of writing, but also in speaking. The IEW Intensive program begins at the very beginning and teaches children how to create an outline and organize thoughts. Then, ever so incrementally, it teaches and guides children to build great sentences, rich with description and varied in structure. This program opens children up to a wide landscape of language, a multitude of adverbs, and teaches children to select their words carefully. The title of the program makes it sounds intimidating, but once you dive in and understand the way the program works, it is so incremental that you will find it easy and exciting to use. My daughter has composed such beautiful and rich sentences through this program that we have found ourselves clapping,cheering, and giving each other high fives while working on a paper (we are english nerds here). I could write pages and pages of praise for this program, but you should try it yourself!

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I absolutely love Math-U-See. This curriculum employs the mastery method, meaning that children master a concept before moving on. The program is very clear and incremental, with each new concept building on the previously mastered one. Because the program uses one set of manipulatives that clearly and visually demonstrate the concepts, the child develops a solid understanding of concrete mathematics. In turn, also because the curriculum uses one set of manipulatives, rather than various objects, counters, etc, the child moves naturally and easily into visualizing the manipulatives and doing mental math. I remember when my daughter, all of a sudden and with no encouragement, started looking up after reading a problem and then writing the answer without reaching for the blocks. In addition to all these benefits, Math-U-See is a great curriculum for children who need constant help and teaching, or for children who like to work completely independently. If your child needs you to sit and do the math with him and teach it to him, this curriculum is a dream for you, even if you were never good at math. You can simply sit and watch the short and very clear instructional videos with your child and then help him through his worksheets. Each video teaches one concept, so they are so easy to work from. On the other hand, if your child likes to work independently, you can allow him to watch the video alone and do the chapter on his own. There is only one short video per chapter, and the videos are so clear that your child will most likely be able to complete the chapter independently after watching the video. I cannot say enough positive things about this curriculum. When my daughter began multiplication, she flew through it because of her solid foundation in addition and subtraction. Math-U-See ensured that she had all her math facts memorized! Not only that, but she enjoys the curriculum. My son is now using it too and loves it.

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