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Why Do Nature Study?

Why Do Nature Study? I recently asked a group of my nature study kids a question, as we sat nestled in a redwood grove alongside a babbling creek. I asked them, “Why do we do nature study?” Each of them replied with fantastic answers such as, “Because nature is beautiful,” “Because nature is everything, it [...]

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Combining Art & Science

Combining Art & Science Two subjects we don’t often realize go hand in hand beautifully are science and art. Many homeschooling families struggle with how to bring more formal art instruction into their homeschooling. An enjoyable and educational way to accomplish this is to augment your science curriculum with art. The way we go about [...]

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How to Get Started Nature Journaling with Your Children

How to Get Started Nature Journaling with Your Children The first thing to do to get your children excited to go out and begin their nature study adventure is to prepare your backpack! This can be quite exciting for children, as they often love their tools. Here are some items we include in our packs. Not [...]

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