A Socratic Approach to History

A Socratic Approach to History History, along with literature, are my absolute favorite subjects. Hmmmm- that is definitely falling short. Let me try again. I live and breathe history and literature. Those are the subjects my mind revels in when there is a moment for it to frolic free. I am absolutely guilty of having [...]

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Why Do Nature Study?

Why Do Nature Study? I recently asked a group of my nature study kids a question, as we sat nestled in a redwood grove alongside a babbling creek. I asked them, “Why do we do nature study?” Each of them replied with fantastic answers such as, “Because nature is beautiful,” “Because nature is everything, it [...]

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Homeschooling Game Days

Homeschooling Game Days Do you ever wake up and feel that that daily rhythm that you usually treasure, just doesn't sound inviting? How about trading in the normal routine for a homeschooling game day? Instead of working on math, play some math games. Rather than opening the history books, how about some exciting history [...]

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Learn How Jessica, from the Unlikely Homeschool Blog, Manages to Homeschool Multiple Ages

Learn How Jessica, from the Unlikely Homeschool Blog, Manages to Homeschool Multiple Ages I absolutely love this blog post about homeschooling various ages, written by Jessica from The Unlikely Homeschool. While reading it, I recalled homeschooling my daughter one day a few years back while my then 2 year old son was literally sitting on my [...]

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Take a Moment to Evaluate How Your Homeschooling Year is Going

Take a Moment to Evaluate How Your Homeschooling Year is Going A few weeks into the beginning of the year, I find it quite helpful to step back and take a quick objective glance at how our year is going. It is natural for some of us homeschooling parents to get so [...]

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Even More Reasons to Become an Avid Reader

Even More Reasons to Become an Avid Reader There are many obvious and often discussed benefits derived from being an avid reader, some of the most most well known being that it expands vocabulary, increases one’s ability to communicate clearly, and creates a more competent writer, as well as a deeper thinker.  These are all [...]

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Raising and Homeschooling an Introvert

Raising and Homeschooling an Introvert Living in a culture that places such tremendous value on extroversion can make raising an introverted child a challenge. From the moment your child holds his head up, people decide whether they adore him, or not, based on how positive a reaction they receive from him. If your wee one loves [...]

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First and Fourth Grade in Our Home

First & Fourth Grade in Our Home Selecting your curriculum and subjects for the year can either be an exciting adventure, or one fraught with questions and anxiety. If you have been homeschooling for years, you might find that you have found your stride and know what works for your children. On the other hand, [...]

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Math U See Free Curriculum Bundle Give-Away!!!

Math U See Free Curriculum Bundle Give-Away!!! The generous people at Math U See are donating a complete Universal Set of Math U See curriculum to Homeschool Explorations to support us and help get word out. The set includes everything you need for a level of Math U See; the Instruction Manual with complete solutions, the [...]

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