Take a Moment to Evaluate How Your Homeschooling Year is Going

Take a Moment to Evaluate How Your Homeschooling Year is Going

A few weeks into the beginning of the year, I find it quite helpful to step back and take anaowfgi5ef quick objective glance at how our year is going.

It is natural for some of us homeschooling parents to get so excited about the curriculum we have ordered and the schedule we have planned that we fail to recognize if it is actually working for everyone. So in order to save myself trouble later in the year, I try to step back and take stock of the following things:

Are the various materials and curriculums we are using working for both my children and I?

Sometimes we purchase a curriculum, and, well, it simply doesn’t work for us. There is no logical reason. It looked great on paper, but somehow, it simply isn’t exciting the interest of my children. Or it might be something I simply can’t get excited to teach it. If you find yourself in one of these situations- toss out the curriculum now and save yourself the time. Or try a more financially and environmentally sound version of that- recycle, return, or resell it.

We are homeschooling to inspire true learning and to foster a love of learning in our children. Why waste time with a program that isn’t moving us towards that goal?

Is our daily rhythm bringing out the best in all of us?

This is key. I have found that simply adjusting a tiny element of our daily rhythm can have a profound effect. One year we were beginning our day early, apparently too early for that particular year. When I recognized that, we started homeschooling one hour later. The result was immediate.  It turned out that my children needed more playtime before homeschooling, and once they had a good two hours to play in the morning, they were ready to focus. This year, beginning much earlier has been the key. Both children are ready to go early, and they enjoy having a lot of playtime after schooling.

Sometimes even rethinking the order of the subjects you work on can make a difference. Last year, at the beginning of the year, I arranged our day so that my daughter and I worked on writing after lunch. Her focus wasn’t quite on and it wasn’t going so smoothly. After stepping back and rethinking our rhythm, I moved writing to the morning and everything shifted. Her focus was fantastic and her writing progressed rapidly. This year, we still work on writing first thing in the morning.

Making minor adjustments can make a huge difference in the harmony and focus in your homeschooling day. If things aren’t going smoothly in your home, don’t jump to the conclusion that homeschooling isn’t working for your family. Try adjusting your daily rhythm or rethinking your materials. You may find your homeschooling day transformed.

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